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Qualitative Characteristics
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(SFAC No. 2)

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SFAC No. 2

Statement of Financial Accounting Concepts (SFAC) No. 2
        a.  Qualitative Characteristics of Accounting Information
        b.  Issued in May 1980

A Hierarchy of Accounting Qualities

Most important characteristics of information
            --> Usefulness for Decision Making

User-Specific Qualities
               a. Understandability
             Information is not useful
             -->  if it is not understandable.

Primary Decision-Specific Qualities
               a. Relevance
             --> Capacity to make a
                   difference in a decision

                b. Reliability
             --> Information is reasonably
                   free from error and bias.

     Ingredients of Relevance
               a. Predictive value
             --> increases the likelihood of
                   forecasting the outcome of events.

                b. Feedback value
             --> enables users to confirm or correct
                   prior expectations.

                c. Timeliness
             --> makes information available
                   before it loses its capacity
                   to influence decisions.

     Ingredients of Reliability
               a. Verifiability
             --> ability to ensure that
                   information represents
                   what it purports to represent

                b. Representational faithfulness
             --> information represents
                   what it purports to represent

                c. Neutrality
             --> absence of bias
                   to attain a predetermined result

     Secondary and Interactive Qualities
               a. Comparability
             --> enables users
                   to identify similarities and differences

               b. Consistency
             --> Conformity from period to period

     Threshold for Recognition
               a. Materiality
             --> Magnitude that influences the judgment
                   of a reasonable person
                   who relies on the information

     Pervasive Constraint
            --> Benefits > Costs

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3 Superseded by SFAC No. 6  
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