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Long-Term Construction-Type Contracts
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Accounting Research Bulletin (ARB) No. 45
Accounting Research Bulletin (ARB) Opinion No. 45
        a.  Long-Term Construction-Type Contracts
        b.  Issued in October 1955

 ARB No. 45 does not cover CPFF contracts.
             --> Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee (CPFF) contracts are covered
                   by ARB No. 43 (Chapter 11A).

 Generally Accepted Methods
             a.  Percentage-of-Completion Method
             b.  Completed Contract Method

Percentage-of-Completion Method
       Income is recognized as
             --> percentage of estimated total income.

       Percentage of completion
             --> costs incurred to date / estimated total costs

       Costs and recognized income not yet billed
             --> current assets

       Billings in excess of costs and recognized income
             --> current liabilities

       If total contract is estimated to be a loss,
             --> provision should be made for the loss on the entire contract.

Completed-Contract Method
       Income is recognized
             --> only when the contract is (substantially) completed.

       Recording of income prior to completion
             --> is not permitted.

       If total contract is estimated to be a loss,
             --> provision should be made for expected losses.
Selection of Method
       Estimates are needed for the followings:
             a.  Costs to complete
             b.  Extent of progress toward completion

       If the above estimates are reasonably dependable,
             --> percentage-of-completion method is preferable.

       If the above estimates are not dependable,
             --> completed-contract method is preferable.

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